Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024: The Must-Watch Titles for Sports Fans. Sports documentaries allow viewers to go behind the scenes and relive some of the most iconic moments in sports history. Netflix has an extensive library of sports documentaries covering everything from basketball, football, boxing, Formula 1 racing, and more. As a sports fan, now is an ideal time to catch up on legendary games, underdog stories, and athlete profiles.

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024
The Last Dance

The Last Dance

The Last Dance documents Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls team as they competed for their 6th NBA championship title in 8 years. Director Jason Hehir delves into never-before-seen footage from that historic 1997–98 NBA season. He provides viewers special access to these basketball legends’ lives both on and off the court.

Some critical details covered in this 10-part documentary series include:

  • Michael Jordan’s difficult upbringing and early years with the Bulls before winning any titles
  • Jordan’s intense drive to succeed and his demanding leadership style
  • Phil Jackson’s zen coaching approach and the Bulls’ revolutionary triangle offense system
  • Dennis Rodman’s outrageous antics but also tremendous rebounding and hustle plays
  • The intense rivalry with teams like the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers
  • How the Bulls stayed motivated during their championship 3-peat quest

The Last Dance perfectly encapsulates the greatness of Jordan and the Bulls dynasty while humanizing these larger-than-life figures. Diehard basketball fans will thoroughly enjoy the rare archival NBA footage and candid interviews.

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024
Untold: Malice at the Palace

Untold: Malice at the Palace

The Untold documentary film series on Netflix provides an intimate look into some of the most significant controversies in sports history. Untold: Malice at the Palace goes behind the scenes to chronicle one of the darkest moments in NBA history.

On November 19, 2004, a massive brawl broke out between NBA players and Detroit Pistons fans, which resulted in multiple player suspensions and legal charges. Through first-hand accounts from people involved, this documentary pieces together the escalation of emotions and breakdown of decisions that fateful night. Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment 2024

Some critical details covered in this documentary include:

  • The Pacers-Pistons rivalry heading into that game
  • Early warning signs of tensions before the brawl took place
  • A fan throwing a drink on Ron Artest, prompting him to go into the stands
  • Blow-by-blow breakdown of video footage capturing who hit whom
  • The aftermath and legal fallout from the fight
  • Interviews with Ron Artest (now named Metta Sandiford-Artese) and other players sharing candid thoughts looking back

For sports fans, this doc offers closure on one of the worst incidents that tarnished the NBA’s reputation. It’s a powerful reminder of what can happen when emotions spill out of control. 

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Formula 1: Drive to Survive gives an exclusive look at the competitive world of Formula 1 racing each season. This sports documentary series grants viewers special access to follow the top racing teams and drivers on and off the track across 10 episode seasons.

Through interviews and behind-the-scenes race day footage, Drive to Survive documents the personalities, rivalries, technical innovations, and critical moments that define each Formula 1 campaign.

Some key storylines covered across the five seasons released on Netflix include:

  • Daniel Ricciardo’s shock move to Renault and subsequent struggles
  • The fierce competition between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
  • Haas F1 Team entering as underdogs and financial limitations
  • Max Verstappen ascending as a future world champion
  • Carlos Sainz Jr earning respect competing against Charles Leclerc
  • Guenther Steiner’s emotional leadership of Haas through ups and downs

Petrol heads that love motorsports will become absorbed in the high-speed drama on and off the race track. Drive to Survive has boosted F1’s popularity, especially with American audiences.

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024

The Redeem Team

The Redeem Team

Following their shocking bronze medal finish at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the USA men’s basketball team looked to reclaim gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Redeem Team goes behind the scenes to profile a stacked American roster featuring the NBA’s biggest stars on a mission to restore their global dominance.

Viewers see the building friction between players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant through interviews and archival footage. But under coach Mike Krzyzewski’s leadership, eventual respect and chemistry emerge as they unite to represent their country.

Some critical details revealed include:

  • Player commentary on their embarrassing 2004 finish and determination to bounce back stronger
  • Lebron and Kobe overcome rivalry and learn to complement each other’s play
  • Coach K’s strategic approach to building egos and shaping stars into a cohesive unit
  • Revisiting classic matchups vs Spain, Greece, and other medal contenders
  • Final gold medal redemption, ending years of frustration

As the name suggests, this documentary captures Team USA’s road to redemption. For basketball fans, it offers great insight into the Kobe-Lebron dynamic and early careers of future NBA legends.

Sports Documentaries on Netflix in 2024


While not purely a sports documentary, Icarus provides a thrilling exposé into state-sponsored doping programs in competitive cycling and the Olympic games.

When filmmaker and amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel connects with the head of Russia’s anti-doping laboratory, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, he gets more than he bargained for. Dr. Rodchenkov reveals the damning depths Russia goes to to cheat drug tests and stack Olympic contests in their favor. Artificial Intelligence in Sports 2024

Some explosive revelations uncovered in this Oscar-winning documentary include:

  • Elaborate sample-swapping techniques used at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
  • Widespread PED use among Russian athletes in multiple sports
  • Corruption and coverups by Russian officials and agencies
  • Significant flaws in Olympics drug testing protocols

As Russia’s institutional doping program is brought to light, Dr. Rodchenkov goes into protective US custody while exposing one of the biggest scandals in modern sports history. This real-life thriller plays out like a sports crime caper.

Endurance athletes and cycling fans will find Icarus highly relevant, given its examination of doping culture. But the geopolitical tensions make it a compelling viewing for any sports doc fan.


What is the best sports documentary on Netflix?

There are currently many stellar sports documentary options on Netflix, but The Last Dance and Formula 1: Drive to Survive are considered two of the best and most popular among fans.

What is the most popular sports documentary?

ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary series covering Michael Jordan’s final season with the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty is likely the most well-known and widely watched sports documentary.

What sports can I watch documentaries on?

Netflix has sports documentaries covering diverse disciplines like basketball, boxing, Formula 1 racing, cycling, football, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, golf, and esports/gaming.

Are Netflix’s sports documentaries suitable for kids?

Given the complex storylines and mature themes examined, it depends on the documentary, but most would have a 12+ recommendation. Always check ratings/details to determine age-appropriateness.

Are all Netflix sports documentaries non-fiction?

Most sports content on Netflix falls under non-fiction documentaries depicting real stories and events. But a select few, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Alchemy Problem, blur reality with fantasy.

Final Thoughts

Netflix continues to expand its sports documentary collection, offering fans incredible insights into every major sport and competition. From emotional athlete profiles to edge-of-your-seat championship games, there are inspiring true stories for all tastes.

Series like The Last Dance and Formula 1: Drive to Survive and Untold will thrill hardcore supporters with behind-the-scenes access. Flicks like Icarus and The Redeem Team provide more big-picture looks at scandals and redemption defining specific eras.

As video streaming becomes the prime medium for sports programming going forward, Netflix establishes itself as a go-to destination for the next generation of unforgettable sports documentaries. So whether you’re a casual viewer just learning the rules or a lifelong diehard who remembers the iconic moments vividly, Netflix has captivating sports docs to enhance any fan’s knowledge and appreciation.

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